Known Issues

Below are the current known outstanding issues for Software Assistant.



Error message when clicking on Lodge button. 'ABN does not match the Auskey'

This error is due to your ATO Machine Credential (M2M) expiring and is not an issue with the software. Machine Credentials have a valid period of 2 years and must be renewed to continue lodging.

Expected release of fix:



You will need to renew your Machine Credential. Please follow the ATO instructions below in order to renew your credential.

At Step 7, please make sure you use the same credential name as the expired credential to ensure that the renewal process completes smoothly.

Please contact the ATO on the number below if you require further assistance with renewing your credential.

1300 287 539 (Option 3)



Prefill not working.

Expected release of fix:

Follow the same steps as listed above for the lodgment issue.